For whom is kubed-sh? When to use it?


I suppose it's mainly useful in a prototyping, development, or testing phase, although for low-level interactions you might find it handy in prod environments as well since it provides an interactive, context-aware version of kubectl. See also use cases.

How is kubed-sh pronounced?


Glad you asked. Well, I pronounce it /ku:bˈdæʃ/ as in 'kube dash' ;)

Why another Kubernetes shell?

There are already some, such as cloudnativelabs/kube-shell, errordeveloper/kubeplay, and c-bata/kube-prompt. Why write another Kubernetes shell, are they not cool or what?


True, there is previous art, though these shells more or less aim at making kubectl interactive, exposing the commands such as get or apply to the user.

In a sense kubed-sh is more like technosophos/kubeshell, trying to provide an environment a typical *nix user is comfortable with. For example, rather than providing a create or apply command to run a program, the user would simply enter the name of the executable, as she would do, for example, in the bash shell. See also the motivation.

How does kubed-sh work?


Essentially it's just a glorified kubectl wrapper on steroids. See also the architecture section.