In order to be able to install and use kubed-sh you must meet two prerequisites:

  1. kubectl must be installed, tested with client version up to and included 1.17.
  2. Access to a Kubernetes cluster must be configured, tested with up to 1.14.


To verify your setup, you can use the following two steps:

  • Execute ls ~/.kube/config > /dev/null && echo $? and if you see a 0 as a result, you're good, and further
  • Execute kubectl config get-contexts | wc -l and if you see a number greater than 0, then that's super dope.

To install and set up kubed-sh, simply download the latest binary for Linux and macOS. For example, to install kubed-sh from binary on macOS you could do the following:

curl -L \
    -o kubed-sh.tar.gz && \
    tar xvzf kubed-sh.tar.gz kubed-sh && \
    mv kubed-sh /usr/local/bin && \
    rm kubed-sh*

Now you're good to go, learn how to use kubed-sh